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The Pandemic changed many things. And why, may you ask, I had a page specifically for ‘ventilation’? In 2021 when I moved to this new location, the space was built from the ground up, so I had a chance to optimize the ventilation. For those that may remember, in this space, along with Bin 4 beside me, there was a trendy restaurant called Moxies. Following Moxies was Frankies, which was another restaurant that didn’t last too long. And in 2020, the space was demised into two different units. One is unit 102B,, where Dynamic Chiropractic Clinic is, across from Woodgrove shopping mall.

This new North Nanaimo location is a stand-alone, independent exterior access with attention to the ventilation system. Each treatment room has independently exhausted air to be exchanged witfresh outdoorsh air. CO2 measures average between 500-750 ppm.


Ventilation Nanaimo Chiropractor
This is a typical C02 reading within Dr. Jerome Fryer’s treatment room in the afternoon during business hours.

Dynamic Chiropractic Clinic